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How do I book a table?

Just head here to book a table and select your restaurant! You'll be taken to your restaurant's local booking page and will first need to select a date, time and the number of guests. Then, you'll be asked to choose which available service you'd like to book (e.g dinner). If you don't see the service you want it isn't available at that time, or is fully booked. Finally, you'll need to enter your contact details and we do take card details to confirm the booking.

Why do you need my card details?

We take card details to secure your booking. No payment is taken unless you don't turn up and don't let us know, in which instance we charge a £5pp no show fee. There's no charge for changes to table size, but it's helpful if you can let us know. You can amend your booking from your confirmation email.

I can't find my confirmation email

Have a check in your Spam/Junk/Promotions folder - they sometimes end up there! If you reached the 'booking confirmation' page and it included your booking reference then your booking has been received.

Do I have to book?

We do recommend booking as we are currently operating at reduced capacity due to social distancing and we do get fully booked at peak times.

I can't find a table for the time I want

This means we are either fully booked - or the restaurant isn't open yet. Some of our restaurants are opening on 23rd July, and a small number will be later.

CanI book for more than 8 people?

To keep everyone safe, our maximum table size is 8, or 6 in areas where local guidelines are in place.

Can I book for just drinks?

Yes, of course. Just select 'Just Drinks' after you've chosen your date and time.

What's the latest I can book a table for drinks?

You can book a table for drinks as late as midnight on the weekends, and an hour before we close Sun - Thurs. For your local restaurant's opening times head here.

How long do I get for my booking?

If we don't have another booking on your table after you, you're welcome to stay until we do!! But at busy times, we might have another booking on your table after 1hr30mins for tables of up to 5 people, or after 2 hours for tables of 6+ guests and for Bottomless Brunch.

If I book 2 tables will we be able to be put next to each other?

We will do our best though often this won't be possible. We do expect you to maintain social distancing with all tables that are not your own.

Can I bring a cake/balloons?

Yes, you may bring a cake or balloons but we do ask that you don't bring any confetti. You may call in before your booking to leave cakes and candles with us, but we can't guarantee that your table will be free to decorate before your booking time.


Is Turtle Bay participating in the Eat Out To Help Out scheme?

Yes! We are! You can get 50% off food and soft drinks Mon - Weds throughout August, with a maximum discount amount of £10pp.

How does it work?

You don't need to bring or show anything. Just book a table at one of our restaurants Mon - Weds in August & you'll get 50% off food and soft drinks, up to a maximum discount amount of £10pp - this includes children. Menu prices will not change; discount will be applied automatically when you get your bill. Please note a Service Charge of 10% of your pre-discount bill will still be added for tables of 4 or more. We recommend booking a table.

Is alcohol included?

No, there is no additional discount on alcohol although you can still get 2'4'1 cocktails at Happy Hour.

What about Bottomless Brunch?

If you order Bottomless Brunch, the discount amount you receive will be 50% off the dish you order. For example, if you order Curry Goat Hash as your main (£11.20) then you will get 50% of this - £5.60 - deducted from your total bill.

For more information, visit our Eat Out To Help Out page or the government website.


What time is Happy Hour?

Happy Hour runs all day until 7pm. It starts again at 9.30pm Sun - Thurs & 10pm Fri & Sat. In Leamington Spa, Happy Hour runs until 6.30pm & from 9.30pm everyday

What cocktails are included?

ALL OF THEM! You do have to get 2 of the same, but you can always mix and match with your friends. See the menu here.


What cocktails are included in Bottomless Brunch?

All of our cocktails are included, as well as Red Stripe and bellinis!

What is the last booking time for Bottomless Brunch?

The last Bottomless Brunch slot you can book is 3pm and you will get 2 hours on your table.

How long do I get?

All Bottomless Brunch bookings get 2 hours, regardless of table size.


Do you have a list of Allergens?

Yes, these can be found here.

Is everything spicy?

No! We have lots of non-spicy options, from brunch through to dinner. We do creamier curries, burgers and fresh brunch dishes that are full of flavour rather than spice. For more information, head here.


Do you have any deals?

As well as Happy Hour, we have a £12 Lunch Deal Mon - Fri. In August 2020, we are taking part in the government's Eat Out To Help Out scheme.

Do you do NHS discount?

Yes, we do - check here for full details.

Do you do Student discount?

We don't offer any student discount, but you can get 2'4'1 cocktails until 7pm every day and again 9.30pm Sun - Thurs & 10pm Fri & Sat!
(In Leamington Spa, Happy Hour runs until 6.30pm & from 9.30pm everyday)


Do I have to wear a mask?

There is currently no government advice requiring the wearing of masks in restaurants. You are welcome to do so if you wish, but it is not a requirement.

What's the maximum number of households to a table?

The current government advice states that up to 2 households (including their social bubbles) can be together indoors, and up to 6 people from different households can be together in a group outdoors.

to read about how we're keeping you and our teams safe from coronavirus, head here

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