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win a rum masterclass at turtle bay!

Know your rum?

July 31 2017

Taste the Caribbean Social. The rum selected at Turtle Bay is the best the islands have to offer and what better way to taste test than by winning a rum masterclass for you and 7 friends?

Simply complete the form below for your chance to win:

Win a Rum Masterclass Experience

Before we announce the winners, why not check the roots of some of our favourite rums?

Appleton Signature Rum

Appleton rum captures the vibrant history of Jamaican culture. Its signature sweetness can be attributed to the fact it is distilled on the oldest sugar estate distillery on the island still in continuous production (it’s been going for over 265 years!) Located in the Cockpit country of Nassau Valley in the heart of Jamaica, Appleton can boast that it is the only rum to have a terroir. This means that Appleton rums are created in an area with unique weather, soil and geographic distinctions that truly make it like no other. This golden, honey coloured spirit gets it’s fruity, full bodied taste from a blend of 15 individually aged rums, creating a unique flavour in every bottle. Try Appleton Signature in our Mai Tai.

Cockspur Rum

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The characteristically crisp taste of Cockspur rum has been a Bajan staple since the 1800s. Created in 1884, Cockspur is the vision of Danish settler Valdemar Hanschell that was brought to life by the craftsmanship of Barbados born Stade Brothers. These unlikely partners shared the same dream of creating a rum that was free from the impurities present in many spirits at the time. The brothers worked together to improve the fermentation and distilling processes and set up the first continuous column still in Barbados. This allowed them to consistently produce delicious, high-quality rum, soon making Cockspur the bestseller on the island. Today, Cockspur maintains the same traditions it always has by only using coral filtered water and storing their rum in classic oak barrels, ageing each one in a beach side bond in the Bajan sunshine. Try Cockspur rum in our Vanilla and Passionfruit Mojito.


Wray & Nephew

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Wray and Nephew over proof white rum is almost as iconic as Jamaica itself. Born from John Wray’s Shakespeare Tavern in Kingston, opened in 1825, this unmistakable liquor is now the best-selling high proof rum in the world and is responsible for 90% of Jamaica’s rum sales. Even though it has been the winner of several international awards, the black, yellow and green labelling makes it clear where the roots of this rum lie. With unique notes of molasses and spice, Wray and Nephews tastes great in our Roots Culture.

Old J

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Old J is a spiced rum that is not only steeped in the rich and vibrant flavours of sugar, lime and vanilla, but also in history. The name ‘Old J’ is inspired by ‘Old Grog’ a nickname for Navy Admiral Edward Vernon. When the British Admiral enforced a reduction in the strength of the Navy’s rum ration he was met with uproar from the fleet. The addition of sugar, spice, lime and vanilla to the rum was his solution to make it more enjoyable. Old J honours the Admiral’s innovative flavour combination by bringing it into the 21st century, infusing premium Caribbean rum with a blend of sugar, spice, vanilla and Persian lime. Try Old J spiced rum in our Jamaican Mule.

Koko Kanu

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Inspired by the golden age of travel, when the hidden gem of Jamaica was discovered, Koko Kanu is a hidden gem amongst the giants of white rum, just waiting to be tasted. The rich, sweet coconut taste that is in every bottle of Koko Kanu is the result of a blend of the finest Jamaican rums, picked especially for their natural notes of coconut. This delicious, light, white rum is produced by the Wray and Nephew distillery which has been making rum for 150 years, making Koko Kanu a combination of expertise and excellent flavour. Try Koko Kanu in our Goombay Smash.

For more insight into the roots of our Caribbean rums, as well as learning how to make the perfect island cocktail, enter our mixing masterclass by completing the form below:

Win a Rum Masterclass Experience