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Bar Snacks are here

Feb 28, 2020

Eating is not cheating!

We know what it's like. It's Friday, you head out for Happy Hour and the cocktails just keep on coming. When there's so much delIcious rum to be had, food takes a back seat.

That's why we've designed a quick and easy bar snacks menu. Forget the late night kebab - you want some Sweetcorn Fritters with your Koko Kolada.

Easy to share, we've chosen some of our tastiest small dishes.

There's Crispy Chilli Squid - coconut milk & panko fried squid, mango mole, jerk mayo & lime - which is sure to conjur up memories of beach bars and sunsets. Pairs great with a Mojito for a fresh combo.

For a vegan treat that's sure to soak up a few cocktails and keep you going for a while, Mr Fabulous' roast veg Jamaican Patty is where it's at. Hot and a little bit spicy, it's the perfect partner to a Reggae Rum Punch.

And if you've got that Friday feeling (who cares what day it is?) then you're probably going to be after our famous Halloumi Fries - jerk halloumi sticks dipped in coconut cream & panko. Pairs well with.... well basically everything.

Order one to keep you going, or a whole spread for the gang to devour after a few too many cocktails. It's up to you.



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