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Play Dominoes

Mar 23, 2020

Social distancing driving you mad? Run out of Netflix already?

Well we've got just the thing for you! Keep your household entertained AND recreate laid back Caribbean vibes in your own home with a game of Dominoes!

It's one of the most popular games across the islands - and normally accompanied by some rum. For proper island vibes, why not try your hand at our Reggae Rum Punch?


You will need: a set of dominoes and 2 - 4 players (more players can double up into teams)


  • Put all the dominoes face down on the table. Give them a good mix up!


  • Each player takes 7 dominoes. Set them up on their sides facing you - don't show anyone else!
  • Put the remaining dominoes to one side, face down.


  • Youngest player can start by putting any tile face up in the middle


  • The next player has to put down a tile that matches either of the numbers on their partner's tile
  • Tiles are placed short end to short end - unless, you've got a double number. The double numbers are put down the other way round (long-end to short-end).
  • Blank tiles are just like blanks tiles in scrabble - they can be anything!
  • You can put a tile at either side of the domino trail!
  • If you can't go, you have to pick up from the spare pile!

    STEP 5

    • The winner is the one who uses up their tiles first
    • Time for a cocktail!
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