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All about rum

Aug 01, 2017

Rum runs through our blood

Whether it’s dark and intense, golden and spiced, or white and infused with coconut, this sweet-but-strong spirit instantly transports your tastebuds to sun-drenched beaches and vibrantly turquoise seas. We've got something you're sure to love...

If you’ve never properly tried the sunshine spirit, or your relationship with rum started and ended with one too many Bacardi & Cokes, then we’re here to change that!

Just Ask

Spend some time at one of our Island Bars for the ultimate laid-back exploration of rum. It's no hurry, no worry - we've got over 30 different rums and over 25 cocktails for you to choose from and our expert bartenders are on hand to walk you through them. We know what we're doing here - we've been doing it a while, so if you don't see it on the menu, it doesn't mean we can't do it. Our bartenders are also more than happy to recommend something - so just ask if you're not sure

In true Caribbean style, there are no tight measures at Turtle Bay - we free-pour all our spirits and hand make all our cocktails to order.

Making a start

The best place to start with rum, is a handcrafted cocktail. Take the Strawberry Daiquiri for example – we mix Duppy Share rum with lime and strawberry puree. The lime provides the perfect balance to the sweet rum, whilst the fruity strawberry complements it perfectly.

Another classic that really hero’s the taste of rum is the Rude Boy – but be wary because it’s a strong one! Jamaican favourite Wray & Nephew overproof rum is blended with Woods Navy which brings a rich, caramel flavour. Velvet Falernum, a spiced liqueur, adds depth and lime a final zing.

All cocktails are 2’4’1 at Happy Hour, so grab a friend and try 2 of each!

Next up

If you want to give rum a bit more of a chance to shine, it’s time for a Rum n Tonic. We’ve paired flavoured tonics with a complimentary rum for this super-sophisticated twist on the G&T. Try a Jamrock Rum n Tonic for starters – Appleton Reserve dark rum with fresh cucumber & watermelon tonic. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a spicy main course too.

The real deal

Really, the best way to try rum properly is one of our Rum Sharing boards. We’ve got 5 to choose from – and each comes with 4 rums and your choice of mixer. It’s a great way to compare different flavours of different rums and know which you prefer if you’re a bit daunted by our 30-strong rum menu.

Become an expert

We don’t just stop at serving up delicious rum boards – we host regular Rum Masterclasses too, so you can learn from the experts. Spend an hour journeying through the world of Caribbean rum, learning how to taste it and what sorts of flavours to look out for. You’ll try 6 different rums, plus a little food at the end too.

Ready for rum?

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