Panic over!

Jan 23, 2020

Wow, you’ve really blown it. You don’t have anything planned for Valentine’s Day, and it’s in a matter of days. But nobody needs to know… there’s still time… you’ve got this!

Let’s get you in prime Valentine’s shape. No stress.

The mixtape

Maybe “mixtape” is a little old school, but what says “I think you’re alright” better than a playlist? Make it meaningful, fill it with feel-good reggae beats and share it with your loved ones to lift their heart and soul. After all, good music = good times.

Need playlist inspiration? Search Turtle Bay UK on Spotify.

The card

It’s probably advisable not to forget this one. Whether you want to say “I’d always leave the final piece of Crispy Chilli Squid for you” or “thanks for offering me the last Sweetcorn Fritter” … now’s your chance to pour your heart out. Can't find a card that quite gets it? Why not make your own? Handmade gifts are always

A 3-course home-cooked dinner

You might not be able to venture out this year, but we've got you covered! Recreate Turtle Bay good times at home with our recipes for a 3-course meal that'll transport them to the sunny Caribbean!

There’s always cocktails

Cooking not really your thing? You don't need an excuse to shake up a few cocktails at home - but if you did, Valentine's Day would definitely be it! Check out some of our recipes - they're easier than you think and bound to impress! Who wouldn't love a romantic homemade cocktail night in?

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