Dec 31, 2020

So, what’s Veganuary?

If you didn’t already know, and you don’t stick to a plant-based diet yourself, January is often the time to dip your toe into a vegan diet. Since 2014, over HALF A MILLION people in 178 countries have given going plant-based in January a go!

Will you be trying Veganuary?

Maybe you do it every year, maybe you’re plant-based full time, or maybe it’s your first time trying it out… there’s plenty you can do to make Veganuary that little bit easier and smash that New Year’s resolution!

From switching up your usual dairy products with coconut milk alternatives, to trying out meat replacements or hearty veg-packed curries… it’s easy to focus on what you can’t eat, rather than opening up the possibilities of ingredients you may not have embraced in the past.

Did you know, we have well over 30 vegan dishes on our menu, alongside over 20 vegan cocktails & mocktails?! Check out our menu here, and let us inspire your plant-based eats this January.

Ital is vital

Caribbean culture isn’t a stranger to eating the rainbow. The Jamaican ital movement has been alive for decades, promoting the improvement of health and energy. Coming from the English word ‘vital’, the ‘i’ represents unity and life force.

Food from the earth is at the heart of ital eating... what better mantra to kick off Veganuary with?!

Will you be trying Veganuary this year?

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